Welcome to 'My way, Elaborated!'


Eira is my crayon box. It has little thing to do with my name.  I am not arrogant enough to think you care who I am.

All you have to know is that this blog explains why I am easy to hate and hard to forgive, easier to love and harder to forget, and easiest to know the hardest way. It’s about my hue of the matter.

Reasons like life matters, I can laugh at myself, I make sense with stories, movies, poems, music and humanity, and I find ecstasy in solitary emissions are the footprints in my way.

And also about some crazy, hopefully not embarrassing, spoors in between.  Like wearing only this (insert your imagination here).

Seriously, it’s just my ramblings with no intention to offend. Making you happy can be the hardest way. But I will dare because I am.

Feel free to link if you find my ramblings useful. Otherwise, comment at your own risk. Just kidding. 🙂

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9 comments on “About

  1. AJ's Mom
    July 26, 2012

    One of the best About Me pages I’ve ever read. So inspiring, full of colours and ‘eiraborate words. 😉 As I clicked your name after going through the bloggers who liked my post, I simply was captured by your site. The theme, the design and everything about it that reflects simplicity, I just couldn’t resist. Simplicity is beauty, I should say. I still have so many things to learn when it comes to artsy stuff – after seeing how you’ve laid out your blog – yes, definitely, more learning to do.

    Happy Blogging. 🙂

    • Eira
      July 27, 2012

      thank you mommy. I felt good reading your sweet posts. will definitely check it regularly.

      • AJ's Mom
        July 27, 2012

        Thank you too! Feels good to hear that from a fellow blogger. 🙂

  2. Week Woman
    August 1, 2012

    Lovely quirky blog 🙂

    • Eira
      August 2, 2012

      Thanks for visiting!

  3. arielpakizer
    August 5, 2012

    Thank you so much for following my blog! You have a lovely one here yourself!

    • Eira
      August 6, 2012

      thanks for dropping by also..

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