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Frozen Delight

Now that I have a daughter who loves to “let it go, let it go. Can’t hold it back anymore” her frustrations for not being able to communicate as a toddler (more of, I am not able to understand some of her language yet) I have to lovingly endure the Frozen movie five times a day. Otherwise, she will devour the tv and then get cranky. 

Kidding aside, Frozen is a story of Princess Ana who caused and saved the “cursed” land of Erendel when her sister, Queen Elsa, put everything and everyone in a freezer.

I find the movie very unusual compared to other princess stories for these reasons:

 Its not always a knight in shining armor. Prince Hans seems to be that gorgeous and ideal knight that is supposed to save Ana from her misfortune. Princess Ana triggered Queen Elsa to freeze summer on the day of the latter’s coronation because the former would want to marry a guy she just met that day. Instead, he planned to eliminate both heirs to become the King.

Just like a fairytale, written in the star stories, Kristoff witnessed both her ice-stricken heart when she was a child and ice-stricken head as grown up trying to unfreeze Erendel. They both share the misfortune and adventures.Princess Ana end up with the Ice deliverer instead of a knight.

Act of true love  starts from within. To save Ana from turning to solid ice forever, an act of true love must be committed. It is expected to come from a true love’s kiss from a knight in shining armor. The film taught us that it can start from us. We, as an individual can spread an act of true love.

The king is not always right. The prophecy on Elsa’s power left the father king paranoid and ordered isolation. That helped realized the fear as an enemy. Over protection in childhood nurtured the weakness. They eliminate the ground to play with and learned from her strength, the magic, with guidance.

Facing the truth is the only way. After the accident, Elsa’s magic has to be kept secret to protect both child. Little they know that support system is necessary to let love triumph over fear. This can only happen when the truth of her  magic is faced and dealt with courage.

Do you have any realizations on the film?Please hit the comment.

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