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75 years later…

The student paper where my articles were used to be published celebrated its 75 years of existence. I am very happy to be a part of this organization. More so, to be able to celebrate with the old and new breed of the university student writers.


As the oldest attendee present based on the year when I served as a writer/editor (1999), I was given a chance to share my experiences. I am not really good at impromptu speeches. My failure to anticipate the speech disabled me to even contemplate to prepare one.

Here’s how it is supposed to go:

I accompanied my friend to do the writer exam and I ended up joining the editorial board as a staff writer. Really unexpected but I felt really fortunate.

For me, it was  a struggle when I joined the chonicle for three reasons

First, I was not  a writer. I only read my textbooks. How can you have an opinion on things you know nothing about? Since I didn’t read, I had nothing to imagine to be able to create possibilities and solutions.

I remember my first feature article totally rehashed I didn’t even recognize it when it was published. It was funny.

But then I chose to learn and its epitome laid on the lesson there’s no such thing as too late.

The following term, I became the features editor.

Second, there’s a faction within the editorial board that left us very vulnerable. The autonomy of the organization was threatened. I was intimidated by the complications. We had responsibilities to the studentry to attend to. I had scholarship to consider. A decision had to be made.

And we committed to uphold the chronicle value: to sin by silence when we should protest makes coward out of men.

The organization survived. And so did we.

Third, unable to smoothly enrol every semester due to being listed as delinquent. Not because of academic problem but due to being chronicler.

Manual enrolment was already a headache. Lengthy lines under scorching heat of the sun to get schedule posted on bulletin boards was pain in the behind. Well actually body pain. Once you finally arranged the schedule and about to encode, a blinking note of “delinquent” added another step to your enrolment. That was  to clear your name from the office of students affair. When clearance was done, you lost the schedule you arranged because it was already full. You had to do that all over again. Double headache.

Well, aside from my degree in computer engineering, I earned also migraine.

My three years in the organization contributed a lot in my personal growth. It made me see the struggles as challenges instead.  It made me refused to be defeated by disappointments.

Being in the organization, you are exposed  to sort of things from radicalism, capitalism, atheism, existentialism, all other “isms” and “is nots”. This can make you vulnerable and lose balance. Holding on to the values was the only way to stand the ground.

Value life. Value the truth in it. Value making decisions.Whether good or bad, the ideal changes in time. Making decision is the first step to responsibility. It’s the platform where changes are built.

It’s our responsibility as student writers to facilitate decision making by giving them informed choice. That way, the readers will be able to do sound decision. Value quality of life more than life. Value truth even in its ugly form more than the sugar-coated white lies.

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