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The good, the bad and the ugly

I was reading about the wisdom on knowing the criteria for choosing among the presidential candidates when something hit the ventilation.


There’s something with ‘you need a storyline that will capture imagination’ and I would like to understand it more.

The good
We, as a nation, are easily entertained. Put a dessert of gossip on our plate and we will devour it with a level of enthusiasm more than we do with the social and political main course. Just recall how the pork barrel Scam is set aside to feast on Navarro- Cornejo-Lee’s, to what I call, ‘sugar-kick’.

It’s easy to point finger. Is it the Media that sensationalize it or the Mass that is addicted to this kind of kick? The smart ones will answer its an opportunity to sell. The fabulous will scream in silence ‘it’s the hits.’ The wise one will know the difference. It’s more than the numbers.

The amount of pork barrel allegedly scammed gives already the sour after taste. How does this kind of corruption thrive is the bitter reality. We are charmed by popularity. Whether there’s truth behind the what and how of becoming popular, it is set aside for the sake of entertainment. It ‘s easier to feel good and be lied to. It’s harder to face the truth. We are not geared up to handle it.

The Bad
Ender’s Game plot reminds me of a way to gear up. We can learn from Andrew Wiggins and the movie’ s life lesson . Moreover, I find the idea of facing the truth of failure to gear up to life’s reality palatable. And the concept of winning defined as a process than a goal is more than a sweet endeavor. It’s a cuisine of tasty effort of learning and unlearning to bring about positive change.

It’s my bad to have come to this point that politicians and would-be politicians exerted more effort on their popularity than working on their public service. It’s my bad to have let popularity feed on my ignorance. It’s my bad to be satisfied with winning by association with the popular. I ended being lied to and scammed.

The ugly
Unless I accept that it’s a bad thing to be lied to and feeling good cannot only be derived from entertainment, things are going to get ugly. The gap between the poor and the rich will be miles apart. And that is the distance I don’t want to cover. I have to feel angry of corruption and the drama behind it. Forgiveness is not the best thing to do. We only need to be good at remembering the betrayal to our voting trust.

It’s a good thing we can still distinguish the bad things. The ugly part is not seeing the beauty of it.

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