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Let me tell you a secret.

Coincidence mystifies me in some ways I end up questioning my intentions. Sometimes, it gives me sense of security as destiny introduces itself, again and again , to my unsuspecting skepticism. Sometimes, it is a source of power specially if it manifests control over someone else. Most of the time it just keeps me wondering.

The morning before we were disturbed by a rush hour episode, I stumbled upon an article on wondering if we really think we know ugly. The author deduced that aggresion defines uggligr, an Old Norse word for ugly. He explained how aggressive color, themes and materials disturb one’s sense of beauty. Also, he reiterated how beauty can be defined by the presence of ugliness, a disturbance.

The article is neither to warn me about the traffic incident nor to assure me of someone or something watches over my safety. It is, for me, the importance of understanding and dealing with what has happend, is happening, or have been happening and making sense of it.

In my attempt to understand the ‘power’ of coincidence, probability and the need for meaning unclouded the mystery.

An incident becomes possible if meaning is defined in one’s life. The probability of its occurence is set aside to gain explanation to what has transpired.

Let me put it simply.

The day I accepted that the world doesn’t revolve around me makes my skill of taking control of my happiness a reality.

Shit happens to everyone and not because offending a ‘special’ someone will bring curse. Or, writing about my blissful life will make others write about me also.

Coincidence lets us notice and manipulates how we see the situation. Whether we ascertain the meaning or not, or it has any meaning to us at all, it boils down to how we see our connection to the occurence and finding its value, if at all, our worth.

Is coincidence a product of an intention? Only if I allow it so. Otherwise, I am just giving away my freedom to be in control of my own resolve.

On the other hand, I will always wonder if I am taking in control of yours.


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This entry was posted on March 28, 2014 by in Solitary Emission.
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