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Just when things are about to get ugly, understanding serves as the beholder.

An aggressive driver pulled us out our way. He seemed pissed off when unable to accelerate to 140mph and having us on his way. With cars in front and on our right side, we had no choice but stay on the line. Knowing that we were following the traffic rules, we proceeded driving our way to our destination. Ignoring his signal to pull over irritates him more, he cut our way to head to the service road.

Knowing that only police can ask for our ID and he is not, he looked disturbed that my partner agreed to call the police to sort things out.

To make things story short, the realization of disturbance will not get us both anywhere, he headed back to his car and left.

Disturbed that he may not be able to reach his destination the soonest possible time, maybe his very reason to defy the speed limit, we both have to understand that aggression before following the rules will just get things ugly.


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This entry was posted on March 20, 2014 by in Humor, Solitary Emission.
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