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Almost Human: Perfection

There’s something wrong with me. The itch for narcissistic bliss is getting irresistible. I need help.

And I am just happy to share that Almost Human Episode 12 came to the rescue.

Almost Human is a sci-fi TV series that showcases technology like robotics, nanotechnology and unbelievable stuff. It is also a venue for android comedy and human drama. Episode 12 is a story of a man who engages to non-invasive nanotech surgery to attain his ideal feature. However, the invasion of his victims’ lives as means to perfect his feature by harvesting their DNA structure exaggerates the number of body bags.

Why on earth would he harvest those features is the question that boggles the police authority. The essence of meaningful relationships serves the answer. Blinded by the idea of perfection as a way to a perfect relationship, he fails to see the truth of the matter: insecurity. The girl lied to him about her being blind. And he lied to her about how he looks.

I once said that for me, perfection is obsessing on things that one has no control. And with belief system based on privilege, perfection becomes both the means and the ends.

In the era of photoshoped advertisement, exaggeration becomes the name of the game. In this game, we lose ourselves in the process. We can no longer distinguish perfection from flaw. Denial of imperfection misses the opportunity to become better.

How can we be creative if we think we are already perfect?

The man in the story accepted his flaws and utilizing the available technology is his way to creativity. His exaggeration to project perfection leads him to unhealthy habit that consumed his soul.

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