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Daring Values

In playing “Spell Me Right” game, two unexpected words didn’t get right: treasure and daring. And I take that as a reminder of what I am missing.

Since I would like to have a break in between reviewing for company sponsored certification exams, reading epubs and crochet, I decided to play some games.

“Speed car” made me jumpy and tilty with the adrenaline rush. It’s not about how I value getting any car out of my way or crash our way out but daring to keep up with my life’s acceleration and gaining distance.

“Spell me right” gives meaning to scrambled letters in timed challenge.

Like what I mentioned earlier, every word is unscrambled except treasure and daring. The hint to arrange the letters was not much of a help. Unable to do so hinted the essence of those words in my vocabulary.

Being sheltered at the safe side defines my journey at the moment. Time to do some daring things again and value the spontaneity of circumstance and the feeling of adrenaline rush by doing the unexpected.

Figure that out..

My daring values:

1. I miss pissing off the hypocrites. Those with words full of God and yet so unforgiving.

2. Figuring those who can handle the truth.

3. Intimidate those losing the courage for them to know who they really are.

Game on…

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