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Does caring less make one happy?

I read it once that if you want to be happy, one should care less. 

Does caring less make one happy? This makes sense specially after having glimpses of modern day slavery.

I just had a fight with the boyfriend and this kind of anxiety will not help me feel a little better. I know.

But just because it can make me feel worse, I wont hear of it. My concern to a better world is much meaningful than feeling sorry about my self.

It helps me realize how selfish I can be feeling bad about the fight I had. It’s not that being conscious about how I feel is petty. It’s about being selfish. My capability as a thinking and emotionally mature being (I suppose) living an able life compared to what these modern slaves are experiencing  and yet still feel bad about it is just being careless. So as being exceedingly proud about being blessed and only utter to others “bless you” with doing nothing about it.

I should be happy that I don’t experience that kind of slavery. But I am not. As much as I would like to care less about it, I cannot. The awareness it gave me makes me realize I am human who abhors any forms of slavery. This kind of awareness I would like to share to those who also care even if it adds up negativity.

Having happy thoughts to feel better is a good thing. I have nothing against that.

Feeling happy for a moment is one thing. Being happy to its truest sense is another thing.

For me, true happiness is when it confronts the conflict to be able to identify what causes one’s unhappiness. Slavery is a conflict between greed and ignorance. Greed is an addiction brought by low self-esteem and narcissistic behavior. Greed persists because of ignorance.

With the technology we have, will I just be happy spreading the world how wonderful my life is? Or be sensitive only to those who find this atrocity as hindrance to happiness due to its negativity? Or care less to protect myself from the unhappiness it brings?

Does caring less make one happy?

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2 comments on “Does caring less make one happy?

  1. Daniela
    August 12, 2012

    No; caring less only makes one less human.


    • Eira
      August 12, 2012

      very true Daniela. Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate it.

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