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Stranded on the Root

Mean surface temperature change for 1999–2008 ...

Mean surface temperature change for 1999–2008 relative to the average temperatures from 1940 to 1980 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is disheartening to know the devastation caused by a typhoon in my country. Although it has been a regular scenario ever since I became aware of it, factors like climate change, proper disposal of increased waste must be seriously considered to lessen the effect of the rainy season, that is flood.

I remember growing up as a child being asked with this question: “Gaano kataas ang baha sa inyo?” (How high is the flood level in your place?)

Yes. It is not a question of if there’s a flood or not. It is already given that there’s always have. It has gotten worse after three decades.

Worsen weather condition is globally accepted as a climate change consequence. Man made contribution due to excessive consumption accelerates climate change. It is the failure to see this as the root of the catastrophic consequence irritates me more.


I find it insensitive to attribute the heavy rains to the “crying” of the heaven because Reproductive Health Bill will finally be deliberated in the Congress, which has reached thus far after its more than decade of rejection. The rejection is due to the strong opposition by the Catholic church that only sanctions Natural method of Family Planning. And forms of contraception is attributed to abortion which is illegal in the Philippines.

Excessive consumption and inability to dispose it properly are my considered roots of the flood problem. Population makes it excessive. Believing ultimate happiness in the after life justifies our carelessness for this life in the here and now. Better to prepare for the next life, therefore should follow the church, is a lot convenient than taking charge to solve one’s problem.

Instead of being stranded on the root of these floods, let’s think of something we can do about it.

For my short term solution, I am attempting to lessen my waste by reusing, recycling and disseminating  its value. Being responsible of our waste can start from home by following these steps. This site also suggests recycling basics.

For long term solution, small wastes when compounded together can become huge in due time. This is where a sustainable population growth comes in. If we are blinded by the desire to be in heaven after death, we will be prey to exploitation. If we desire to live for the present, there’s a chance that we can leave this life better for the benefit of next generation.

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