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Humanism Way to a Better Us Explained by Experts

The video showcases reputable experts in their field from biology, psychology and philosophy and their take on humanism. Its introduction to humanism answers the questions on its importance, having life in the here and now, finding a way to live an ethical life, realizing the use of human’s ability in discovering our nature and how can we use the understanding to our advantage.

Understanding is an effective way to better our standing as an individual immersed in diversity. This can be done by the habit of critical inquiry that changes mind when facts are presented. Scientific thinking hones this ability. The wonder, entertainment and thrill that science and scientific way of thinking serves, as Richard Dawkins enunciated, is a poetry of reality.

“It’s up to us” summarizes it all.

3 comments on “Humanism Way to a Better Us Explained by Experts

  1. Daniela
    August 3, 2012

    Exactly, it is up to us! Thank you, enjoyed it very much.

    • Eira
      August 3, 2012

      Thanks, Daniela for dropping by. I really appreciate it and am glad you enjoyed it.

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