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The Time is Write


Poetry is an...

Poetry is an… (Photo credit: liber(the poet);)

Reading The time Is Write blog on Making a Leap made me wonder if I am becoming the writer I want to be. Which brings me to a question do I really know what I want?

The blogger’s preference to creative nonfiction over fiction enables me to consider if my shower of poetry is refreshing both to me and to those who consider to read it.

Suddenly I feel unappreciated. My poetry sucks most of the time but I still continue because my appreciation of thoughts turn to words brings me unprecedented scent of well-being.

So, to beat the insecurity out of me, I hit the keyboard in the “poetry writing tips” letters (of course ‘enter’ at the end) and found this useful blog

Don’t be afraid to write from a different point of view. Write a poem that says exactly the opposite of what you believe. If you can’t do it without irony.

Listen to talk radio while you write. Listen to the people who call. Great characters and voices emerge that way.

Aside from fact that the above tips are my favorites and I resolve to do in my next attempt to bathe with words, will it make me feel safe to play with words on that ground brings me back to the question do I really know what I want to write?

All I know is I just want to better my poetry and continue to have a habit of writing since I started using WordPress blog this month. So any topic that would arouse my ire(not this case, of course), feed my curiosity, and widen my horizons will soak my writing tub.

To cover my naked writing prowess is to towel nameless topic.


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