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Great Way to Make My Life Miserable

Do You See The World As Black And White?

How can I be the change I want to see the world?

Seeing the world with less misery has kept me dreaming. So in my attempt to make this dream come true, I have come up with what makes my life miserable and its resolution.

Pleasing Everybody. It is the easiest way to avoid conflict, earn validation, consume energy and time, and get disappointed. 

Since I know how powerful mind can create thoughts and its ability to make it a reality, the tendency to be right is so convincing it makes you forget other minds. The good news is so as everyone else. Being kind to stupid idea, nice to useless thoughts, and pleasing to ignorance are conflicts to the ability of one’s mind. To avoid conflicts, I tend to forget my ability to reason and to converse. It makes me miserable.

What now? I resolve to express what I contemplated as right and be accountable of the consequence.Just have to give my best shot hoping that it will not kill anyone. And remind myself that I can also get hit because I chose to be around.  Otherwise, stop finding sweet chili.

Validation is addicting. Like any addiction it can make you lose self-control. It’s like having camouflage pants then wondering where it is now. Pleasing everybody robs me of my identity. And identity defines my integrity. What now? I resolve to mean what I say. Words are nothing without the character.  The possibility of getting both constructive and destructive validation is conceivable. It will raise unnecessary emotion but my consolation is that it’s the truth. Those who value integrity will understand.

Saying yes to everyone is energy and time consuming. It leaves me nothing to myself. Without myself, how can I sustain life’s demand. What now? I resolve to value my priorities and trust my judgement.

Ways to an End

My desire to understand what makes me miserable is not an easy process. Identifying one’s misery is as deceiving as recognizing it. Once accomplished, taking control of your life is worthwhile endeavor.

So to find words to those misery hues, I would like you to ponder on the following other ways and feel free to suggest your own resolves:

  1. Keep up to date on celebrity culture. We all know that celebrities lead charmed, perfect lives. They don’t ever get sick; they have lots of money and are all perfectly balanced human beings. Read up on them, yearn to be them and above all idolize them as the gods they are. Never forget that your life is a meaningless travesty compared to theirs.
  2. Be a martyr and never ever put your own needs first. Make sure that you put your spouse, kids even the mail mans happiness above yours. These people are far more important than you, so show them that by neglecting yourself. Don’t worry if you get sick and die because that will just cement your position in the Martyr’s Hall of Fame.Berate yourself often. If you make a mistake, tell yourself. You know you’re a jerk so tear yourself off a strip and do it in as an aggressive and condescending manner as possible. If you ever find yourself saying nice stuff internally, back up, delete it, and then say something along the lines of “You half-wit who the hell do you think you are?”
  3. Judge others. Don’t listen to people that say you can’t judge a book by a cover. You haven’t got time to read books so how else are you supposed to make up your mind than glancing at the cover? If they are fat then they eat too much, if they smoke they are stupid and if they are out of work then it’s obvious they’re lazy. Soldiers, surgeons and athletes have to make rapid decisions so why not you
  4. Refuse to see other people’s point of view. If you have an opinion, stick to it. You’ve spent years fine-tuning your belief system so hang on to it for grim death. Nobody likes a fickle, weak-willed, flip-flopper so don’t let something as simple as contrary evidence persuade you that you could be wrong. Even if you realize you are wrong, bat on regardless and look confident. If that doesn’t work, shout a lot.
  5. Always whine and complain about stuff that is out of your control. Great examples are the weather, other people’s actions and the housing market. Don’t ever miss an opportunity to remind people that life is much worse and much harder than they think it is. Then drive home your point by giving them a long list of examples of stuff that is wrong with the world and why it was better during the depression/war/60′s* (* delete where applicable). Read More

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