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God works in "Mysterious Ways"

Which God? If you can answer that without ending in a debate or being butchered, we can proceed to the “mysterious” way.
The ‘creepy’ way...
Eating with no mouth and secreting with no anus is creepy enough. Eating deceased
 sea creature tops it all. Read More

The Creepier way.
Twice the fear, twice the fun. Black & brown widow spiders make it done. Because both their bites are toxic.

LiveScience reports the creepy part creepy part: They frequently found them under outdoor tables and chairs, and in tiny spaces in walls, fences and other objects. The good news: Neither spider was found in the living spaces of houses, the scientists said in a statement.

The creepiest way…
With all the winds against its will, Thailand’s tiniest fly has its organs still intact. And they can decapitate ants. Decapitating already brings chill to my spine. Amputate something much bigger than is enabling. Read More

These mysterious creepy creatures are counted as the coolest science of the week. Science is keeping the mysterious way clear.

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