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The "Boson" Line

As much as I would like to have a religious note on the line “God particle” in the quantum mechanics song being played in the physics‘ air, it will be the least to modulate in my greatest dance hit.  Since it feels great that physics’ origin of the universe crescendo has just begun, dancing to its up beat is the “boson” line.

Beat 1: Without You by David Guetta & Usher
It is explained here how the strength of coupling of the massive particle with the Higgs field relates to the value of the mass. Coupling in physics, according to Wikipedia, is an interaction of two systems, in this case, particle and force that is the Higgs field. 

Without this Higgs boson, everything in the universe is suspected to be massless and will  behave like photons at the speed of light. Just imagine yourself in a place with no gravity (a force equivalent to our mass that pulls us to the ground) that holds everything intact, everything will collapse.  The only thing is that gravity is the weakest of the force while the boson carries the strongest one. Just imagine the gravity, er, the boson, of chaos. 

To further how I understand it, take for example our body is the particle and the clothing we wear is the Higgs field. For us to be able to run fast we must wear light. The more clothes we wear, the slower we move. This slow movement creates the phenomenon of mass. The existence of the Higgs boson as a carrier of Higgs field proves the existence of this field. Just like existence of electromagnetic field is proved by the existence of photon.

Watch these videos for interesting elaboration:

Beat 2: Levels by Avicii
In my attempt to be level-headed, magical science pulls me back to this article. I am almost devoured by what I conceived to be a dark matter called Standard Model.  Anyways, it is amazing that these atomic particles are being amplified by frequency called Internet and the wavelengths of like-minded curious nuts. 

Aside from the grounding reason that physics in everyday life has flourished most of the cool things we see around us like electrical & electronic gadgets, awesome machines and (insert your own favorite cool stuff here), fundamental laws of nature like gravity, electromagnetic, mechanics and stuff like that serve as the background music to the lyrics that is technological development. 

Moreover, the discovery of this tiny, little, small, petite, insignificant, microscopic (I have to make sure it’s not negligible) physical circumstance from leptons, quarks to boson brings us to the next level of unlocking the answer to the ultimate question: How it all started? (Now I am wondering since when did I start to sing on top of the chair?)

Beat 3: Turn me On by David Guetta, etc
I am always been fascinated by Physics. I remember my first ever short story published in the student paper was inspired by a rubber band and the physics of it. 

Whenever my life is down or high, the lesson I learned from the classical physics, that is predictability, enables me to identify the degrees, speed and force to apply to move my life’s state. Should I incline to my intellect or emotion sooner or later to realize change is the question that defines my self-empowerment contrary to professing my unworthiness and incompetency to satisfy an egotistic supernatural.

The general relativity chorus the sound to equal setting. The voices of responsibility, accountability, truth and justice create my rhythm of objectivity. I sing to the music of Einstein’s harmony.

Quantum physics reminds me that from small beginnings come great things. And everything is held together by a mysterious force called love. Like the electrons that attract the quark of protons held together by gluons. 

Most important ad lib is the ripple of ideas from classical physics of Newton’s Law to Einstein’s Relativity to Quantum Mechanics turns on the scientific behavior. Behaviors like not being offended if challenged, courage to reject long held belief if proven false, tolerance to other’s hypothesis, and strength to challenge other’s ideas. This ensemble creates a rhythm to a universal understanding.

Beat 4: Rock n Roll by Lou Reed
If there’s any higher form of rebellion than rock n’ roll, it is the strumming the range of possibility of the Higgs boson. 

First, the probable answer to the mystery of beginning of the universe based on proof will vibrate  more than  the certainty of creationism by faith.  Second, it will extend the frequency of our role in the rational understanding of our universe. Lastly, the sound of human accountability will echo in space and time.

Beat 5: Cinema by Benny Benassi
HIggs boson was first called “goddam particle” by American physicist Leon Lederman for its elusiveness and for marketing purposes. 

“God particle” is just like a jingle in a commercial. It is the advertising tone to sell products. Now, it is the soundtrack of creationists’ coming soon cinema. 

Anyways, it bleeds my ear to hear the idea that creationists use scientific discoveries to prove their claims.  

Since I will prefer to be the director than the actor, the following will be the plot. First, if I am all-powerful, all-knowledgeable, all-benevolent entity, this kind of cheating, that is huming the tune of science, will not be the sound to echo in an empty hall. Second, I will not allow humans to account my grand work to a smaller than atom level. Lastly, it is more exciting to uncover the mystery than to claim certainty by guessing.

The bottom line is that the epic rap of science and its anti-science is a sound more than just a noise. It stimulated me to compose the beat of a sound mind. 

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