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My Why to Live

He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how…” – Nietzsche.

To some, the why to live is answerable by the values we accord to our accomplishments. Mothers have their children. Fathers support their family. Children meet parents’ expectations. These reasons can keep us going.

Let’s not forget that this question invented dogma, if not polymagma, as an absolute answer.

The reason to live is to keep living is a no-brainer reply. For me, it can only be done with confidence to make it done no matter what. Remember the bunny drumming its way along the great wall of China. Just keep on going.  

Self-empowerment is my inertia to giving up. The friction that goes with it does not burn me up but warms me enough to gain the energy. Just like the exercise that makes me sweat and open the skin pores to be healthy, the resistance improves my way of life.

As much as I want to elaborate more how sweat cleans up the dirt off my skin, I would stretch it more to an “open” idea. 

Self-empowerment opens me up to life’s challenges. It makes me hear the popular opinion and plays the rhythm with my own mind. It makes me see the big picture and makes sense how the details fit in the figure. It makes me taste the spices in life and devour not the usual appetite. When life secretes “odor” that is attractive to nosy parasites, it raises my hand and serves as an invitation to have a try. It moves me to feel the external lives.

This is my reason to live. To make sense of my life. Experience the noise and lullabies, the ugliness and its beauty, stay hungry and foolish, fill myself up till saturated, discharge the unwanted when it gets constipated, to act more than to react. 

Self-empowerment fuels my direction and values, motivation, emotional stability, positive mind-set, self-awareness, flexibility in behavior, eagerness to develop, health and energy, willingness to take risks, and sense of purpose. If those are not enough reasons to have a life, I will just resort to bullying those full of drama. 

Most importantly, I feel accomplished when I am standing up when standing is not
easy. That means my inner force is greater than “gravitational” pulls. In exercising self-empowerment, my life has been in motion on a solid ground. 


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