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Major Performance


Sixth Sense, as Wikipedia defined, is

Above mentioned gadget is another means for humans to acquire knowledge crucial for decision making.  
“Minority Report”  featured this technology. In this movie, easy access to information through intangible interface prevented crimes to realize until its venal use.
In Hardwire movie, a chip implanted in the person’s brain to set the stage of advertisements performed by projected actors in one’s brain simulated a sixth sense activity. It is done to ascertain the effect of influencing a person to buy products. 

As depicted in the movie characters’ performance, the desire to make right decisions should fuel the mass production of this wearable gestural interface.

Cognitive ability has helped humanity survived dangerous circumstance by foreseeing (weather forecasting, statistical occurrence). Interconnecting patterns raised by both intuition and acknowledgement of desire were utilized to improve lives: easy access to information, thus making intelligent acts. Its utilization to ensure the survival of the billion years of evolution is an appreciative gesture to the sacrifices made. Its the gesture that finds meaning in one’s desire. 

Which desire to be met is a question of one’s value system. 

Do we value convenience more than hard work to achieve knowledge to be able to choose? Do we value popularity more than accomplishing the task rightly? Do we value wisdom for using this sixth sense to promote informed choice rather than using it as advertisement to lure unnecessary consumption? 


A gesture is worth a thousand words. A minority report in a major performance.

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