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In Hunger Games, the basic human instinct is elaborated by the deprivation of a basic need. Hunger enslaves humanity and unlocks the savage in the quest for food. Just observe how a good person justifies evil to have something for the stomach. Just observe how a good person opted to betray anyone to keep his bread and butter. We play on human character to stay in the game. Survival brings us to the next level.

The art of survival brings us to human senses. It makes way to creativity by looking back and ensuring that the same fate will not happen in the future. Take for example Jerry Whitewho came up with these steps:

Here are five steps that survivors worldwide have used to overcome a life crisis:

  1. Face facts. This awful thing has happened. I can’t roll back the clock. This sucks.
  2. Choose life, not death. I want to find hope; create options for a positive future.
  3. Reach out. No one survives alone. Isolation will kill us. Let others into our lives.
  4. Get moving. You have to get up and out of the house. Do your “survivor sit-ups.”
  5. Give back. Become a benefactor not just a beneficiary. Yes, you will add value.

The art of survival enhances our sense of humor. When life turns sour, we make lemonade out of it. We can’t deny the ‘sucking’ situation. We can only juice it out and in doing so make fun of the face we make and grow up.

Humanity can always choose to be creative or destructive. Hungry or not, creativity finds its way out because we always choose life. With life comes hope. Hope makes us see beauty even from the flat, I mean plate.

 Isn’t it heaven?



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