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My Way

Eiraborate is my dresser. As my favorite interior designer rebecca’s live your style, here’s mine.

My wish to make this world a better place than I found it has been my wise adaptation. MY WAY  ponders on what constitute a “better place.”

Don’t be mistaken. I am living a wonderful life. Decent job that pays my everyday need, a supportive partner, loyal friends, loving family, balanced life, time to appreciate life’s mystery and expression of my passion define my kind of good life. However, there are others who fail miserably. And I feel oblige to increase happiness in my own crazy way.

The plethora of information nowadays increases awareness and opportunities. It makes us compare, compete, care about and complete the universal concept of humanity.  It makes us aware of unhappiness. It gives us opportunity to be better and not to contribute injustice to the less fortunate. It can make the world a better place.

In this time of global community, diversity intertwines the fabric of human affairs.  Freedom is the style that we all wear. It is the signature of sense of responsibility.  When used creatively, it can warm those who are cold and cool down the freaking hot. When used otherwise, it can expose human frailty.

Freedom breeds responsibility that grows creativity. My faith to humanity gives me hope to the understanding of the common good. It is attainable with truthfulness as the mirror and the love for humanity as the sewing machine.

It is, I considered, the wise adaptation from cloth to clothes. So, here are the things you will find in this closet:

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This entry was posted on July 1, 2012 by in Because Life Matters, Solitary Emission.
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